"In my teaching, I stress the importance of being ‘musical’ about your dancing. Your body is your musical instrument. Dancers and musicians need to be able to better identify the common ingredients which bring about those unique and memorable moments."

— Yves Moreau

The workshops will explore a wide range of Balkan dances, and the music and songs that go with them.

All instrumentalists, singers, and dancers are welcome, as are all levels of experience,  

During each period (except for period B), dancers will be taught at least three dances while, at the same time but in seperate rooms, instrumentalists will learn to play the music for those three dances, and singers will learn their songs.

For the last half-hour of each period, all participants will gather to put together the repertoire they have learned — to dance to live music and singing.

In period B all participants will learn to sing a capella while dancing Croatian kolos.

To download material (scores, lyrics, etc.) for each workshop click on Repertoire in the schedule below..


Main hall Stage Side room
09h00-10h00 Registration    
10h00-10h15 Welcome    
10h30-11h30 Period A: Greek, Romani, Turkish
Dancers with Jocelyne Instrumentalists with Sergiu Singers with Brenna
11.30-12h00 All  
12h00-12h45 Lunch break    
12h45-13h30 Period B: Croatian    
All with Dina & Darinka    
13h45-14h45 Period C: Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Dancers with Jocelyne & Yves Instrumentalists with Sergiu Singers with Brenna & Dina
14h45-15h15 All    
15h30-16h30 Period D: Bulgarian
Dancers with Tsonko & Yves Instrumentalists with Petar Singers with Brenna
16h30-17h00 All    
17h00-19h30 Dinner break    
19h30-23h15+ Dance party